Welcome to Banana Funana

Welcome to Banana Funana

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it's all about the kids

It all started in the year 2018 when our team was in a journey for Pursuit of Happiness. Within a few miles, we discovered, what better can it be other than seeing smiles of the little champions and parents basking in the warmth of their loved ones!

“There are many who still lament they should have played more in their childhood.”

Do you know who was the first to accept this?

It’s our Father of Nation – Mahatma Gandhiji

Decided to bring smiles and spread happiness, we present Banana Funana, an entertaining kids indoor play area along with a cafeteria & two multi-purpose halls to celebrate your moments of joy.

What you can expect from us

Inspired, Innovative and Committed - Banana Funana has decided to offer happy and playful solutions:

 ‘Magical Experience’

We have designed this place with utmost diligence to make sure the kids and parents have a startling experience in our safe environment.

 'Utmost Care & Safety'

Our staffs are employed all around the play area to continuously monitor the safety of the children. They have been trained to treat your kids with utmost care & will go the extra mile to see them smile.

'Munch and watch your Munchkins' -

Parents have the luxury to watch their little ones whilst munching on high-quality delicious food in our perfectly placed cafeteria.

  'Physical & Brain Development'

The facility consists of a humongous play structure which is carefully designed using Slides to Hills, from trampolines to toddler zones to boost a Child’s overall development.

  Breaking your head over planning for birthday parties? Relax!

We are here to cover your back. Our team will come up with innovative ideas to suit your kid’s unique mind- set.
We take care of end to end activities for the parties.

   We are open throughout the year, from 10.A.M to 8.30.P.M.


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