Indoor Play Area

Please come with your child and have a look at how happy the kids adventure through our captivating jungle-themed indoor play area – 

They can explore the mysterious play area filled with endless exciting multi-coloured slides, Interactive Games, Chained log bridge, Ziplines, Challenging obstacles, Climbers, Soft plays, you name it! We have it!

Following are few of our attractions:

Wall Interactive Game
Interactive projection game combines the most popular play events i.e. Slides and ball pool with interactive projection technology such as video motion capture & identification, pressure sensor etc., to improve the kids participation & playability of play equipment.
In addition, it helps children to develop their imagination and logical thinking ability and expand their perception of the world. Children will be obsessed with cool immersive audio & visual environment instantly and obtain fresh, interesting imagination.
With attractive numerous games and aesthetics of light and shadow, Banana Funana creates an innovative and interactive child’s playground for the 21st century.
Multi-coloured Slides

“Being on top and staying on top” - this magic can happen only when a child learns how to rise, when he or she slides down.
Every indoor play area has one, but only the best ones have it just right. We have ensured the right mix of thrill & fun when your child screams with joy.

We guarantee our slide rides are safe & create endless fun for your little champs.

Ah-wow Transparent tube slide

Kids are gonna love this slide…. zip-zap-zoom…..
They keep appearing on ‘n’ off, as we have designed this tube slide to create a delightful experience for your kids and on-lookers.

We say, “you should bounce back to achieve”
We give an opportunity to show kids to stretch and reach their best heights. Many a time, they beat their own records!
Ball blaster Cannon
Alright, Chinese could’ve invented this. But come and see how your kids manoeuvre and display their skills to blast sponge balls all over!
Wall Climbing for Iron-Man & Frozen Elsa
Our climbing walls are designed, keeping in mind the soft Doras & the rough Diegos.
Different degrees of height and difficulty encourage kids to communicate with each other, compete and explore in an interesting way. It challenges and trains the willpower, physical skill & bravery of Children.
Wal Climb
Gear Wheel
Wall Gear wheel
Looking to gear up your child’s fine motor skills?
You are at the right spot. Your child can create a massive gear-wheel structure in our 10 * 10 feet white board.
Will be a delight for budding Abdul Kalams!
Tree House
Tree house is always a fantasy for everyone. We want your child to experience the jungle life if you can’t take them to Bhandipur.
Log ‘n’ Chain Bridge
Allows your child to learn flexibility, muscle strength and will power. Challengers & Adventure seekers enjoy this. FYI, this is no means a cake walk….you should experience this once 😉 to have fun!

Toddler Zone

Role-play to Learning Panels

Specifically designed for children from ages 0 to 3, toddler-play serves as a crucial stimulant for children’s physical and mental development. The play area contains many diverse & creative interactive events and age appropriate activities. One of them being play-panels, can greatly stimulate your child’s imagination and fine motor skill development.

Besides, we have multiple play options for our tiny guests:

  1. Role-play units
  2. Baby Cars
  3. Watermelon see-saw
  4. See-Saw from Old McDonald farm
  5. Soft-piled Numbers
  6. Hip-Hop Sa-re-Ga-ma!!!
  7. Caterpillar Tunnel
  8. Basket ball
  9. Baby-slide with a safety swing
  10. Learning Panels
  11. Soft blocks

Birthday Parties

Birthday – The day when you entered this planet and brought smiles to your dear ones. We understand every sentiment attached to this day and make this day a memorable one for you and loved ones.
Want to celebrate your little one's birthday in a trendy fashion? We do exactly the same.
Equipped with multiple party halls, we offer all services needed for a perfect fun filled Birthday for you and loved ones. Custom made birthday cakes based on your likes will perfectly light up the mood of your little one. In such an event we understand how important the food is. Yes! We have got that covered too. Your taste buds will thank you later.
We have various packages to choose from as per your needs. We are flexible in customizing the packages as well. After all your celebrations are ours!
We look forward to making your jollifications as classy as possible!



"Munch and watch your Munchkins"

Are you a food lover? Ah! never mind you will become one if you are not already after you visit our cafe.

Tickle your taste buds with our classy menu which offers a variety of snacks and beverages.

Our cafe is perfectly placed within our facility which gives a clear view for you to watch your kids sweat it out whilst you munch on some yummylicious food.

The menu is kids friendly as well which is apt to recharge their batteries after the rigorous play time.

Come and Relish!


Selfie Booth

Talking with pictures and making memories are universally appealing!
Right… Did you know? - Selfies can reveal your artistic side, make you confident and make you express yourself more. Interesting isn’t it?
Come visit our all trendy dedicated Selfie Booth to make sweet memories with your kiddos and be ready to become a celebrity after we post your pictures in our social media pages.
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